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Pre-sale is open!

"The Stolen Concert", the new live CD (with DVD) by Goethe's Heirs, can now be pre-ordered in our online shop!
A must for all fans of the chamber concert ensemble.

You can find the tracklist on the product page.
Official release date is April 22, 2022

A stolen concert

In 2021, many things did not go as planned: The Goethes Erben chamber ensemble was also unable to play the eagerly awaited concerts on Easter weekend 2021. However, since the rehearsals had already taken place and the anticipation was already making the musicians' hearts beat faster, the chamber ensemble decided to record "the stolen concert" without an audience near their home town of Bayreuth. In the spirit of the chamber ensemble performance, the artists let us get very close to them: the rehearsal room becomes a living room concert stage - and we get a unique and incomparable show of immediate impression and haunting presence in the chamber ensemble's home studio.

Goethe's heirs in chamber ensemble - that is pure emotion, very close and intense.

No electronics, no electric guitars, no moving light show, no video projections, no dancers: just three musicians around the man of words on stage. Without a safety net or a double bottom, Oswald Henke presents himself in a very direct and intimate way during the chamber ensemble's concerts, accompanied only by Sebastian Boettcher on the grand piano, Benni Cellini on the cello and the percussionist Markus Köstner.

Not only will the Erben classics be rearranged, but new pieces will also be presented that were created especially for this line-up. In addition to new tracks from the albums “Flüchtige Küsse” and “Elemente”, the audience can also look forward to classics such as “Das schwarze Wesen”, “Vermisster Traum” and “Der Weg”.

Oswald Henke - Words
Sebastian Boettcher - Piano
Markus Köstner - Percussion
Benni Cellini - Cello

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