Goethe's Heirs - "Elements" CD now also available individually!

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Owners of the box of the same name already know it, for everyone else it is now available individually: The "Elements" CD by Goethe's Heirs!

There are 11 tracks on the disc, including the four songs that have already been released digitally and represent the four eponymous elements: "I want to fly" (air), "Far from the light" (earth), "Time to go" (water) and "Play with me" (fire); as well as the B-sides of the respective singles and three additional tracks, including the Daniel Myer (Haujobb) remix of "Play with me", which is much more danceable than the original and will also be released digitally - for streaming and download - from November 5th.

1. Play with me (Remix by Daniel Myer)
2. Far from the light (with percussion)
3. I want to fly (with percussion)
4. Time to go
5. May I ask
6. Intermediate Period (Olive Mount Version)
7. Missing Dream (Olive Mount Version)
8. The Way (Mount of Olives version)
9. I want to fly
10. Far from the light
11. Play with me

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