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Ticket presale starts today at 7pm! :)

Only in Bayreuth, in the center, will Goethe's heirs present their 10th studio album, "X", which will be released in early 2023, live in 2022. On this special evening, the band will play the entire new album chronologically, i.e. in the order of the tracks as it will later be heard on the recording. So it is already clear with which words this evening will open: "The future is called: death"
This evening, the heirs answer what awaits beyond the abyss. Not a desirable world. Current reality is increasingly turning into an introverted hall of mirrors of bizarre, deformed perceptual lies. Music, language, dance & projections.

You can find the tickets from 7pm HERE

Oswald Henke, Tobias Schäfer, Markus Koestner and Tom Rödel are supported on stage by the dancer Ida Gross. It will be a very dark, dystopian evening in the first hour, but after a short break the heirs also promise a little hope.
The second act begins a musical journey through 30 years of band history and a re-listening to some of the band's classics, quotes from past musical theater pieces, a musical journey through the previous 9 studio albums by Goethe's Erben.

The tickets are initially limited to 450.


Oswald Henke: Words, direction & stage design
Tobias Schäfer: Keyboards & Sequences
Tom Rödel: Bass, guitars & projections
Markus Koestner: Drums & Metal
Ida Gross: Dance

Photo: Jens Meyer

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